Ports i Mans

Tim Johnson i Mònica Guilera

Centre de Desenvolupament Rural
Museu de la Pauma Mas de Barberans

Summer of 2014

The natural and human landscape surrounding Mas de Barberans provides a strong contrast to my native English countryside, the exploration of this region over the passing seasons of the year has been a great inspiration and pleasure for myself as a visiting maker. Repeated visits have increased my sensitivity and understanding of this natural environment and the diverse plant materials available for harvest and creativity. I hope that the connection I now feel for this landscape is evident in this body of work and I have no doubt it’s influence will be with me for years to come. Tim Johnson Working on the Ports I Mans project over the last year has had a significant impact on my work as a basketmaker. The project has afforded me the time and space to freely experiment with a wide variety of plant materials beyond my usual repertoire familiar to the Catalan basketmaking tradition. This process has changed the way I look at plant materials and I now feel a freedom to experiment with the materials at hand in an open ended way and with frequent creative rewards. Mònica Guilera