The following item complements the exhibition’s discourse through three distinct sections: related material, media coverage and links.

The first section comprises all those works which were made ​​especially for the occasion. The aim is to complement the theme of each field by means of research articles that provide a broader and in-depth picture of each subject. These materials are also available at the end of each corresponding field.

The media section compiles all articles and mentions about the exhibition in blogs, media, magazines, etc. Many of these texts become reflections and enrich at the same time the discourse of the exhibition.

You will also find some web links with some related information that may interest you.

You can access to related videos through this web site or through the Ports i Mans profile on Vimeo. To activate the subtitles, just start watching the video and click on the right corner at the bottom on the subtitles icon “CC”.

Related subjects

Media coverage